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Ready for the unexpected
Desde o nascimento até aos 4 anos, aprox.
0 - 22 kg
€  269,00 Preço sugerido €  279,99
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Tough-terrain tires

Gia's tough-terrain tires and suspension give your baby the smoothest ride over any type of surface.

Extendable full-coverage canopy

The extendable full-coverage canopy will give your baby a super cozy place to ride or rest.

Extra-large basket

The Gia’s extra-large basket has all the storage space you need for a long day out with your baby, complete with an integrated parent pocket and cup holder.

One-hand fold

The easy one-hand folding system allows you to simply fold the stroller with one hand while holding your baby, or coffee, tightly in the other!

Descrição do produto

Meet our new Gia stroller: It is compact, durable, and with lots of space! Wherever you are in the city, the Maxi-Cosi Gia makes sure you are ready for the unexpected. While suitable for newborns, as your child grows, it grows with them, until they no longer need a stroller.

Urban pushchair

The Maxi-Cosi Gia is the perfect stroller for urban parents looking for flexibility, convenience and comfort, all in one!

Our from-birth compact stroller suits your urban lifestyle because it is compact, durable, and comes with lots of space. It is suitable for newborns, but it also grows with your child all the way until they reach 22 kg, when they no longer need a stroller.

Your little one will enjoy a smooth ride all the time, over any type of surface, thanks to its all-terrain tyres and suspension. The extendable canopy and ultra-padded seat inlay will give your baby a super cosy place to ride or rest.

Going out for a full day? No problem! With the extra-large storage basket and integrated parent pocket, the Gia gives you enough space to store everything you need for a full day of exploration.

It’s easy to fold up the stroller with just one hand, so you can have a free hand to hold your baby at the same time.

Going for a small road trip? The Gia has got you covered. The stroller is easily transformed into a convenient travel system by adding a compatible Maxi-Cosi baby/infant car seat, which makes the transition to and from the car effortless.

Before we forget: Gia also comes with a cup holder so you can store your coffee!


Gia makes things convenient for you and comfortable for your little one. It features an ultra-padded seat that allows your little to sit comfortably everywhere you go.

With an extendable canopy, your baby will be prepared for any kind of weather! Its reclining seat adjusts according to your little one’s needs when the two of you are on-the-go.

When you need to climb stairs or take public transportation, Gia makes your job easier! It weighs less than 10 kg, making it easy to lift and move around.

You can add a compatible Maxi-Cosi baby car seat to complete your flexible travel system, and remember, the Gia will be there for your little one until they’re 4 years old.

Compact, tough and capacious

Whether you’re going on a shopping spree, for a brisk walk in the park, or just a leisurely stroll through your neighborhood, with the Maxi-Cosi Gia you are always ready for the unexpected!

Our Gia stroller is compact, durable, and comes with lots of space. It is suitable for newborns, and capable of growing with them until they reach up to 22 kg, when they no longer need a stroller.

Gia's all-terrain tyres and suspension give your baby the smoothest ride over any type of surface.

Your little one will enjoy her super cosy place to ride or rest thanks to an ultra-padded seat. Don’t worry, we make sure your baby is prepared for any type of weather with an extendable canopy.

Are you planning on going out all day? We’ve got you covered! With an ultra-large basket, the Gia stroller offers you enough space to store everything you might need for a day out.

To provide further convenience, Gia allows you to fold the stroller up with just one hand, so you can hold your baby or your coffee to-go with your other hand. allowing you to have the other free hand to hug your baby, or just to drink your coffee!

Next to the handle’s side there’s a practical cup holder, where you can store your coffee. There’s also a secret pocket in the back of the stroller; it’s the perfect place to store your cell phone, keys or wallet.

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